Finding Rentals in Albuquerque

Apartment hunting isn't always easy. Most of us do not have the time to drive around the city and go looking at model apartments, so we trust that certain websites can help find what's needed. Here are the top 5 site for apartment hunting and their pros and cons.

The obvious choice when searching for an apartment.

Browsing through the site, it is somewhat easy to use. Very basic. Has good search filters. The home page is fun and simple. Nice large photos that are linked to certain filters such as pets, fitness rooms, and laundry options. Easy to understand and read search map that makes filtered options obvious.

Map easy to use. A great part of this site is the fact that they show pricing on the map. This way you are able to see what neighborhood have the best value for what you are looking for. The down side of this one is it is not as simple to filter things such as pets or laundry facilities.

Has a Check Availability button at easy access so you can contact the property right away to make sure they have the size or model that you are looking for. Search filters are easy to access and are detailed enough to narrow it down pretty quickly to exactly what you are looking for.

Fun Design for a apartment search website.There is a easy map to search certain neighborhoods closely and quickly if that's what's most important in your apartment search.. Easy to navigate and understand. Good search filters

This site is pretty plain and isn't very interactive. It has your basic search filters such as bedrooms and rent price. Other than this this is definitely the least helpful for an apartment search if you are looking for something or someplace specific.

Do Realtors have Rentals?

Usually real estate agents represent the landlord and get the property rented out. That can mean tenants are not afforded the same protections as using a tenant agent. Tenant Agents are generally paid hourly and are there to protect the tenant. Tenant Agents are very rare because of the availability of online sources.

Where do real estate agents post their rentals?

On the sites above! Agents are not always Realtors, and property management companies generally are not realtors. Therefore, they cannot post on the MLS (this costs thousands to do per year). The websites above usually have more options and more listings, therefore you have more options.

Should I rent vs Buy?

Renting is more expensive than buying in most cases! Most people dont know that they qualify for a loan, and first time home buyers can even get a house for $500 with Hunter Chase Realty. Email me at [email protected] and we can get started on finding you your dream home!

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