Best Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

When it’s finally time to move, you’ve probably already taken into account the costs for the moving truck, the deposit for the new place and maybe even new furniture. But what about packing boxes? When you move your important belongings it’s important that you have good sturdy boxes that won't fall apart and possibly damage your belongings. Some people go out and spend a lot of money on boxes that they feel will protect their things, but what if I told you that there are plenty of ways to get the same kind of boxes, for free! Here are some of the best places in Albuquerque to find good sturdy boxes without spending a dime. 

Smiths Grocery Store

Smiths has many shipments of food and household items every week. Call your local one to find out when their next shipment will be and show up on that same day for a ton of free boxes. A helpful tip: Fruit boxes that carry apples and bananas are perfect because they are solid. 

Any Office Supply Store

Office stores like Staples and OfficeMax use sturdy boxes to move heavy paper and use packing material that they don't or can't reuse. Just ask them for boxes that printing paper comes in! 

Bars and Restaurants

Restaurants such as Olive Garden, Cheddars, and Seasons 52 get things such as liquor, veggies and other items delivered regularly. The boxes used for liquor need to be strong to make sure they don’t break, which is perfect for your valuables! As someone who used to work in the restaurant business, I can assure you, you will be doing them a favor by taking boxes so that they don't have to break them down at the end of the day. 


This is a great place to find free boxes from people that have just recently moved. You might even find a new piece of furniture for your new home! 

Local Recycling Center

Many cities, including ours have local recycling centers where you can find plenty of boxes for your moving needs. 

Hope this helps you with one less thing you have to worry about!

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